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On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 12:12 PM, Lee H. Marzke <> wrote:
> I wish there was an easy way to do water cooling.   I now need a hot/cold isle
> to vent my half-rack exhaust into the my storage space to make it work with
> present basement cooling.

If anybody finds one let me know.  This has always been something I've
been interested in, but there really aren't any kits to do it easily.

What most people call "water cooling" is using water to move heat from
the CPU/etc to a heat exchanger on the outside of kits.  There are 47
bazillion solutions for this out there.

What I want is to get the heat away from the PC entirely.  I'd like to
put the heat exchanger in another room (I'd even go as far as to put
it outside if it were practical, though that seems trickier).

The furthest I've gotten with it conceptually would be:
1.  CPU / GPU blocks to pick up heat (still need some fans for other
components, but they don't put out much heat).
2.  Lots of tubing and quick connects.  Use black/opaque tubing to cut
down on algae/etc.
3.  A reservoir at the top of the system for filling/etc.
4.  A big heat exchanger, such as from a car heater core.
5.  A pond pump to move the water.  That would go at the bottom of the
system I would think.

The problem is that a lot of the pumps that would otherwise work tend
to be immersion pumps, which don't really work here.  You'd want an
inline pump, and one that doesn't cost $500 (though for a datacenter
maybe you would).

As long as the entire loop is filled with water the pump size doesn't
matter a whole lot, unless you have a ton of tubing/etc (like 50
computers on one loop).  You should be able to cool a number of PCs in
series, I'd think the delta-T on the CPU block would not be that high
as long as the flow is decent.  I haven't done the math on that though
(just calculate how much water goes through the block in a second, and
how many joules goes into it, and apply the heat capacity of water).

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