Rich Freeman on 23 Aug 2016 18:39:22 -0700

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[PLUG] Docker Best-practices guide / intro?

Can anybody suggest a good intro to Docker that emphasizes doing it right?

I don't need containers 101 (so, prefer this not be 99% of the course content).

What I want to learn is:
1. How to create/start/stop/snapshot/maintain/etc docker instances.
2. How to build docker images from directory trees or using installers/etc.
3. How to set up applications on reputable docker images and save
those as new images/etc for deployment.
4. How to leverage btrfs snapshots if possible, since I'm running this
on btrfs anyway.

What I don't want is:
1. curl <url> | sudo sh
2. Search for application name; install random container from
who-knows-where; run container; try not to be home when FBI kicks down

I'm probably going to run one each of a few container images.  I'm not
spawning hundreds of application servers that have to talk to my
database/etc.  I don't mind manual configuration of hosts.  Right now
I'm just doing it all with nspawn, but I think docker might be an
improvement (easier to use non-root containers, simpler to

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