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[PLUG] Free books

I'm getting rid of some old books that are filling my shelves and I haven't looked at in a couple years, so I'm offering them here before I take them to a thrift shop. They're all about 10-15 years old, but all but one are Perl, so less out of date than you might otherwise think.

* Learning Perl 3/e, Merlyn & Phoenix
* Elements of Programming with Perl, Johnson
* Network Programming with Perl, Stein
* Advanced Perl Programming, Srinivasan (the infamouos leopard book)
* Writing CGI Applications with Perl, Meltzer & Michalski
* Web Client Programming with Perl, Wong
* Programming Web Graphics with Perl and GNU Software, Wallace
* Perl Debugged, Scott & Wright

* The Java Programming Language 2/e, Gosling
* Java in a Nutshell 3/2. Flanagan

* UML in a Nutshell, St. Albir
* Linux Device Drivers, Rubini (bronco book, 1998)
* The Unix C Shell Field Guide, Anderson & Anderson
* Practical C++ Programming, Oualline
* Pascal: A Problem Solving Approach 1st and 4th eds, Koffman (My old Temple text)

Let me know if you want dibs on any titles, and I can bring them to Central or North next month. Any unclaimed books are going next weekend to Philly AIDS Thrift or Goodwill. Or pulp.
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