george on 29 Aug 2016 09:15:27 -0700

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[PLUG] SSD grabs GRUB and won't let go

Several pluggers have been having difficulties with the updating of GRUB.

There's a common thread: SSD drives.

My own hybrid SSD/rotary hard drive works great, but once installed via
USB connection there's nothing I've been able to do to change what GRUB
has placed on the SSD. Fortunately, it's a moot issue for me because I
had already #'d out the password line.

I've tried all sorts of ways of changing that line since then, but even
though I see the appropriate & desired changes in /etc/grub.d, they have
no effect upon rebooting.

I think that the added "benefit" of the SSD is that the usual startup
scripts, etc. are stored in the SSD in such a way that they cannot be
changed unless the operating system of GRUB decide to do that. Not if
_I_ decide, fer sher.

Someone should be addressing this issue before a whole host of hybrid
SSD setups become inaccessible.

George Langford
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