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Re: [PLUG] phone

I was checking out the G5, lot's of issues with the battery in the reviews but the specs are pretty awesome for the price

On Oct 9, 2016 10:01 AM, "Charlie Li" <> wrote:
On 09/10/16 09:47, Ken Smith wrote:
> Need a new phone after dropping my S3.  Not a huge fan of the Samsungs.
> I'm with T-Mobile, and I need the payment plans for the phone so I'm
> stuck with what they offer. Any suggestions?
I defected from Samsung myself when I got my LG G3. But that was back in
November 2014, so the G3 is no longer LG's flagship. If I didn't have
much of a choice when I choose to retire my G3, I'd go with LG's current
flagship, the G5.

I feel you on being stuck with a subsidised contract with the carrier
though. I got my Galaxy Nexus for free in exchange for Verizon
practically starving it from regularly-released updates until I put
CyanogenMod on it.

Charlie Li
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