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Re: [PLUG] phone

On 09/10/16 10:03, Ken Smith wrote:
> I was checking out the G5, lot's of issues with the battery in the
> reviews but the specs are pretty awesome for the price
Issues with batteries cannot be easily discerned from random reviews or
near-clueless "journalists". Not only do you have to consider if the
battery itself is shit, but also how its user operates the device and
how the battery gets charged. If your screen is on to watch movies all
day with or without the sound coming from the Hi-Fi Plus accessory,
you're going to test the battery. If you use a shitty charger to charge
the battery, I won't be surprised if your phone randomly explodes.

With the LG G5 specifically, I have a feeling that the add-ons to the
phone itself can be a factor.

Charlie Li
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