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Re: [PLUG] spamassassin help: create a rule to score by sender TLD

On 19/10/16 07:30, ac wrote:
> funny. but it proves my point exactly.
> no I am sending from a well known and maintained ipv4 space, from a
> reputable .com mail server... that is blacklisted exactly nowhere -
> anytime in the past ten+ years
> and you are not receiving my email...
> imagine you relied on your email as a business tool (to buy food)
> you would be screwed.
And this is the kind of bullshit that Microsoft pulls with their service, except you don't even get a bounce message; they
just silently bit-bucket your message. I've seen reports of people
trying to get themselves off their blacklist (because false positive) to
no avail.

This is the kind of shit that leads people like us who actually know
what we're doing to operate our own mail infrastructure ourselves. Or in
the case of consulting, choosing a different consultant to set up email
>> don't need email from Korea or Portugal or Argentina, you should be
>> blocking the entire TLD and the IP address allocations (see
>> of those countries outright...
You never know when an entity you're dealing with actually homes at
least part of their infrastructure in another country.

And while this message is still open and tests were being done:
> the spammers have won their battle against you as they have made you
> block everyone - I just tried sending from other .com servers as well
> as brighthouse/time warner  ranges, etc. 
Meanwhile, I don't get spam with *my* email domains, and that's without
any filtering whatsoever…

Charlie Li
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