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Re: [PLUG] OT: sugar in soda (PLUG N dinner)

One of the big problems with soda is the calories, but diet sodas can be worse. There's a very strong link between your sense of taste and your pancreatic and liver function, so even though there are no calories in your Diet Coke, the sweet taste just provoked your bile and insulin production, so now you'll end up eating while not truly hungry, often without realizing why. I don't know that sucrose is any better for you than HFCS, but I know it metabolizes more 'cleanly' for me, and I have less acid reflux action when I avoid HFCS.

On Oct 23, 2016 16:52, "ac" <> wrote:
On Sun, 23 Oct 2016 16:45:20 -0400
JP Vossen <> wrote:
> Last week at dinner after PLUG N some of us were talking about the
> difference between real sugar and high-fructose corn syrup and the
> challenge of finding the former in soda in the US.  It just occurred
> to me to mention that the way I solved that problem was with a
> SodaStream. Many of of syrup mixes for that have actual sugar and not
> HFCS.  The mixes may not taste exactly the same as the name brand,
> but I personally don't care.  I'm more used to "Dr. Pete" than real
> "Dr. Pepper" at this point anyway.
> Full disclosure: we own a SodaStream  and while it doesn't really
> work out to be much (if any) cheaper, there are many fewer plastic
> bottles and the mixes I get have no HFCS.  That's it...
instead of asking google, what is HFCS and what about drinking sugar
free soda like Coke Zero? (is the gas not also bad for you? - eating
your stomach lining or somesuch?)
And is actual sugar healthy? - I thought it is all about the calories
and not supersize at Burger King, etc?

and now you have me thinking about how dr pete tastes *sigh* (as I have
no clue...)


> Later,
> JP
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