Eric Lucas on 25 Oct 2016 20:00:35 -0700

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[PLUG] Speaker(s) for the November 2nd PLUG CENTRAL meeting

We've discussed having a lighting talks meeting for November so let's do it!

There are already two volunteers (they are BCC'd on this email) but we need more.  If we allow for time to switch presenter's computers on the projector as well as the usual idle questions and/or heckling we should be able to accomodate 7 (+/-) speakers.

Please send me your name, email (should be obvious but you never know), and a title or *brief* description of the talk.

Last time we were there the video choices for the presenter's laptop video connection was SVGA and HDMI. If you need something different I'm afraid you'll have to bring it or look for loaners.

Also, if your presentation (including your slide) work on a networked Windows 7 computer then you're in luck... one of those is attached to the lectern (or podium, or whatever).

Speak up!  Sign up!

It's easy, it's short, you have an attentive audience, and we (almost entirely) polite.

1.  Taken by C.C. - topic is TBD
2.  Taken by C.V. - topic is TBD
3.  [your name here] 
4.  [your name here]
5.  [your name here]
6.  [your name here]
7.   [your name here]

Thanks, see you in 8 days.


PS: Geoff, you are still able to bring your gong I presume?
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