Greg Helledy on 25 Nov 2016 06:36:50 -0800

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[PLUG] Fedora 25

I have been using Debian and its derivatives (Mint and MX) for personal use since forever, but since all the servers for work are Red Hat based I have been wondering whether a RH derivative might be worth a switch so I don't have to learn as much twice.

The "upgrade every 6 months" thing doesn't appeal to me much, though. IMO, any in-place OS upgrades are very likely to leave some artifacts (be worse than a fresh install). That said, I recently heard of Korora, a Fedora derivative aimed at desktop use:

If you want something more stable, is CentOS the way to go? Would it make a viable desktop OS (can you get all the multimedia stuff going without too much trouble, maybe by adding another repository)? Or is there another alternative in the RH family that should be considered?

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