Casey Bralla on 7 Jan 2017 04:59:28 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] XKCD: Team Chat

On Saturday, January 07, 2017 07:43:24 AM Rich Kulawiec wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 06, 2017 at 03:34:31PM -0500, Greg Helledy wrote:
> > Basically, it's a way to get you to turn over all your company's internal
> > communications and data to the people behind the Slack site?

> It is of course the prerogative of all companies to decide to do
> something this incredibly careless, if they wish.  But given that this
> is an obviously horrible idea, I wouldn't want to be in the position of
> defending such a decision in court (after our users'/customers' private
> information was compromised as a result) or in a board meeting (after
> our internal information was sold to the highest bidder).

My last employer moved all their Microsoft office apps to Microsoft's cloud.  
Even file storage was echoed to the cloud.  This caused technical problems for 
me when my local disk didn't sync properly with the cloud, and let God-only-
knows-who look at EVERY file anyone in the company saved.   It simplified our IT 
support, but stopped ALL business activity when the network went down and 
opened us up to this huge security hole.   

Our IT group was not the sharpest groups of knives in the drawer.   They saved 
all our files on the cloud, but then were so security conscious that they 
disabled thumb drives because of the lack of security.  <sigh>


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