Victor on 9 Jan 2017 08:10:41 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Lastpass - friend of foe

> I need something that can handle form-filling passwords on:
> 1.  Chromium on Gentoo.
> 2.  Chrome on Windows, ChromeOS, and Android
> 3.  Ugh, IE/Edge on Windows which rarely is needed.
> 4.  Lots of random applications on Android.

I'm uncomfortable with the single password to access all other
credentials. Quick pitch for the Mooltipass (1) and it upcoming
miniature variant (2). There's a Chrome and Firefox extension. For
other stuff it's a keyboard emulator, so it works in IE/Edge, Android
and even on my smart TV. I also wrote Mooltipy (3), a python library
and command line utility.

It's a gadget (and I love gadgets), but it's another thing you've got
to carry around or keep on your desk (which I hate). It can be
securely shared between individuals (e.g. a family) but sharing
credentials amongst a distributed team wouldn't work.

Open source hardware, firmware, and extensions.

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