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Re: [PLUG] Adding admin account back to sudoers

On 30/01/17 17:35, Eric H. Johnson wrote:
> This happened to me the last time I ported accounts to a new machine,
> and I cannot figure out what I did to fix it. Both the old and new
> machines are running Ubuntu 16.04. After porting all of the user
> accounts to the new computer, I lost the use of sudo in the
> administrator account. If I try to use sudo, I get the error that the
> account is not in sudoers. I booted to recovery mode, mounted the drive
> read/write, and tried:
Remember that to edit the sudoers file, you have to use visudo. If you
manually edit that file and you fuck up the syntax, you're fucked.
visudo checks the grammar before copying your edits to the real sudoers

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