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Re: [PLUG] Laptop recommendations

On 3/3/2017 5:42 AM, wrote:
For laptops I typically go to Costco, with their 90 day "anything goes"
warranty, bring it home, squeeze the hard disk, install Linux on the
remainder, and bang, I'm good to go. Or else I return it and say "it
didn't work out. The reason I keep the windows is you can't get
warranty service without the windows-centric diagnostic tests they put
you through. The second the warranty period is over, you can just use
the entire disk for Linux.

What you're paying for with System76 et al. is that you're guaranteed everything on the computer works with linux AND you can get warranty service under linux.

If you buy the Windows computer, there are two good ways to deal with it. Steve's way is to shrink the Windows partition as much as possible, until the warranty expires and you can blow it away. What I did was buy the computer with the smallest drive offered, then buy the drive I really wanted from a different vendor, swap them out, and install linux on the big drive. When the warranty expires, I'll sell the drive it was shipped with, which still has a clean Win 10 install on it.

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