Christopher Barry on 9 Mar 2017 09:55:29 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Best tool to image a dynamic disk?

On Mon, 6 Mar 2017 16:01:07 -0500
Greg Helledy <> wrote:

>We have a couple of servers using dynamic disks with GUID partition 
>tables.  They hold mdadm volumes (linux software RAID).
>A co-worker suggested making an image of the drives, to have something 
>to start with in case of a major failure.  We went to use a tool he's 
>relied on called Paragon, which boots off a DVD into a Windows OS to 
>perform the operation.  But it cannot do dynamic disks.
>Does anyone have a recommendation for the best tool to use to make 
>images of the dynamic disks on our servers?

Personally, I like to use the raw disk with LVM. There really is no
need to partition it at all, and it simply adds an unneeded layer and
constraint. Installers often make you think it's required, but it is

Also, dd | netcat to another host is useful as a disk image backup tool
run from a bootable DVD or USB rescue image.

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