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Re: [PLUG] Best tool to image a dynamic disk?

On 03/09/2017 12:55 PM, Christopher Barry wrote:

Personally, I like to use the raw disk with LVM. There really is no
need to partition it at all, and it simply adds an unneeded layer and
constraint. Installers often make you think it's required, but it is

The main reason installers create a partition table is it makes it unlikely some other software will mess around with the data. Anything that doesn't recognize the LVM metadata will think the disk is uninitialized/unused.

It may also be a holdover as Grub1 wasn't able to boot lvm devices, you needed a separate non-lvm /boot partition. (Same for raid, if I recall correctly.) Also, there are some buggy bios out there that can't boot without a recognized mbr or partition layout. I believe there are further complications on uefi-only systems. All in all, it's simpler and safer for installers to push for partition tables and let anyone who wants differently do it themselves.

Just to clarify, are you saying it's currently possible to use the entire disks for lvm and still install grub2 so you can boot, even without an mbr? I know some filesystems reserve a partition boot sector, is LVM one of them?

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