Rich Kulawiec on 12 Mar 2017 07:10:10 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Error when clamscan runs as cron job

I find myself wondering if the reason clamscan can't create the temporary
directory is because it already exists -- that is, because it was created
shortly earlier by the same process or by a fork of it.  If that's correct,
then that would explain why clamscan complains about it, but then proceeds
to run anyway.  This may be related to your observations about memory
exhaustion and multiple processes: I wonder if something is going awry
when the job is launched via cron and that the form that takes involves
either extra invocations or gratuitous forking.

Of course this is just speculation and may be wildly wrong.  But it might
be possible to rule this line of reasoning out by (a) manually launching the
scan from cpanel and simultaneously using ps (or top) to watch the
process list and (b) automatically launching the scan from cron and
also simultaneously using ps (or top) to watch the process list.  In theory,
these two sets of observations should be quite similar, in which case
my speculation is probably wrong.  But if they're different, then maybe
this suggests a direction for further investigation.


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