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Re: [PLUG] Avoid Arvixe at all costs!

On Mon, 13 Mar 2017 15:02:09 -0400
Greg Helledy <> wrote:
> We dodged the bullet that had me write that panicked post a month
> ago. But now we are ready to make a move, at a more reasonable pace.
> I did get a recommendation for Panix, but they don't offer
> cPanel/WHM. We need a solution that can be administered by a
> technically-aware non-IT person (me) and operated by someone else
> using my instructions while I'm on vacation (if necessary).
> Is it possible to find a reliable VPS provider that offers its users:
> *linux hosting (CentOS is probably best, what we're used to)
> *cPanel/WHM, including csf (ConfigServer Firewall) and clamav
> *WordPress, plus ability to install the various addons
> *MySQL (support WordPress)
> *A dedicated IP address, must be able to supply one that's not on
> spam blacklists
> *Email (unlimited accounts) using dovecot, fully configurable by us. 
> Must provide webmail interface (roundcube or horde).  MUST be able to 
> have outgoing mail sent from our domain with our private IP (not
> routed through their server).
> *Website statistics report (AWStats)
> *Ability to do granular backup/restores (individual
> directories/files), at more than just overnight interval (this can be
> an extra-cost option). *Ability to add/remove subdomains
> These are all things Arvixe offers, they just struggle to deliver on. 
> Finally, if they're good at migrating existing setups, that's a big
> plus.

So, what you are looking for is a fully automated mini ISP
running c-panel and multi hosting environment, on a vps... 
whahahaha you are funny!  - seriously ROFLMAO!

When C-panel, plesk or anyone is able to offer that as a guaranteed
solution then major ISP's will go out of business as anyone will be
able to simply rent a box from anywhere.. Even if some ISP will start
offering just these boxes.. .they are not that yet... when they do
become that, then the game will change and some of us on this list will
be unemployed :)

Best advice that I have for you is to get a "real" linux sysadmin to
manage your box for you while you are on vacation, wherever you get the
box from is only relevant as far as IP reputation (v4 & 6) is relevant
(if you want to relay email everywhere...)

and, if you are using c-panel, on a vps - don't. :)

hth (but probably not)


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