Casey Bralla on 21 Mar 2017 06:38:52 -0700

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[PLUG] Low Power Consumption Firewall/Router

I'm looking to reduce my electrical power consumption on my home network and 
would like some advice.

Right now I use an old Pentium III system with 3 NICs running Debian and 
Shorewall to act as a firewall and router for a DMZ and internal network.  This 
works fine, and has the advantage of being easy for me to administer since I'm 
so familiar with Debian.   (Also Shorewall has great How-to documentation.)

The only downside is that old Pentium system drawing 65 watts (headless) 24/7.

Would a simple firewall box (e.g.: ) be lower 
power?   I'd like to use a low-power system like a Raspberry PI, but the I/O 
and multiple NICs would cripple it.

Any suggestions?


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