Joe Rosato on 29 Mar 2017 06:46:24 -0700

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[PLUG] Phone land line 'switching'

Was having a talk with my sister recently about how phones are not limited by switching stations and are now flat-filed. 

For example:    215-HO8-3333

HO8 used to be, say, a building/switch and then the 3333 gets you to the house.

But how about the 215? That is also flat filed, no? Other than convention (215 is phila, 212 is Manhattan) there is nothing that really holds that number to a location. IF they wanted the 212 could be assigned to Phila? (I'm keeping this to land lines - not mobile or VOIP)

The HO8 used to be limited by the physical switch/location. Is there any remnants of that for the area code? I'm sure with mobile/VOIP/analog/digital it is a hodgepodge right now, but I guess I'm asking what are the current physical limitations of phone number assignment vs conventions for convenience.

Joe Rosato

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