Casey Bralla on 18 Apr 2017 15:31:41 -0700

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[PLUG] Alternative to Gentoo?

I'm a long-time Gentoo user, but in partnership with KDE, it's broken my heart 
too many times.  I don't blame Gentoo itself, but I _ALWAYS_ have problems 
with KDE under Gentoo, whether I run the Stable or bleeding edge versions.

What would you recommend as an alternative?

I've tried Arch, and it is probably my default alternative now.  I'm also very 
familiar with Debian, since it runs on all my servers.   I'm willing to spend 
some time for an install, so Crux and Lunar are also possiblities.  (Does not 
have to be compile from source, but I kinda like the idea.)  I've tried Funtoo 
also, but there are only 2 developers for it, so I suspect the support will be 
a lot weaker than Gentoo.

My only caveat is that it be a "techy" distrobution, and that it run KDE.

What distro do you recommend?

Casey Bralla
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