Steve Litt on 18 Apr 2017 23:12:28 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Alternative to Gentoo?

On Tue, 18 Apr 2017 18:31:33 -0400
Casey Bralla <> wrote:

> I'm a long-time Gentoo user, but in partnership with KDE, it's broken
> my heart too many times.  I don't blame Gentoo itself, but I _ALWAYS_
> have problems with KDE under Gentoo, whether I run the Stable or
> bleeding edge versions.
> What would you recommend as an alternative?

I've always been partial to Funtoo, although I don't know how well or
badly it does KDE.

> I've tried Arch, and it is probably my default alternative now.  I'm
> also very familiar with Debian, since it runs on all my servers.
> I'm willing to spend some time for an install, so Crux and Lunar are
> also possiblities.  (Does not have to be compile from source, but I
> kinda like the idea.)  I've tried Funtoo also, but there are only 2
> developers for it, so I suspect the support will be a lot weaker than
> Gentoo.

Well, how did Funtoo work with KDE? My understanding is that Funtoo
simply modifies a few things from Gentoo and passes it on to you. And
IIRC, one of those two Funtoo developers is the guy who started Gentoo
in the first place.

> My only caveat is that it be a "techy" distrobution, 

Then I'd also look to Void Linux and to OpenBSD and FreeBSD. I'm not
sure whether Devuan is techy enough, but if it is, try that too.

> and that it run
> KDE.

Why? What does KDE give you that's worth the limits it places on
distros you can use with it? Gentoo's not the only distro that has
trouble with KDE --- my experience is that more distros than not have
trouble with KDE. What elements of your workflow demand KDE and aren't
changeable to alternative work flow habits that a Graphical Operating
System Facing User Interface (GOSFUI) with far less complexity and far
fewer bells and whistles can deal with?

If you're a touch-typist, have you investigated the benefits of
installing and integrating dmenu into your user interface and work flow?

If you're a drag-n-drop kinda guy, have you investigated the degree to
which "lesser" filemanagers like rox, thunar and pcmanfm facilitate
dropping files into running application windows? I use Openbox, and all
three can drop files into Claws-Mail, and Claws-Mail does intelligent
things with them.

I completely understand how when one gets really good at operating a
megadesktop like KDE, Gnome3 or Unity, productivity skyrockets. But in
terms of performance, compatibility and stability, there's a
price to be paid for such megadesktops. And the fact is, if one goes
with a "lesser" GOSFUI, within a few weeks and a few added helper
programs, one acquires equally productive work flow habits.

So, in answer to your question, I'd suggest trying Funtoo, Void,
Devuan, OpenBSD and FreeBSD. Non-responsive to your question, I'd point
out that insisting on KDE and then looking for a techy distro that
works well with KDE is a lot like the employer demanding 5 years
experience with Java, C++, C, Javascript, Java, Linux, Windows, Mac, and
IBM Mainframe: It's hard to find a good candidate.

Steve Litt 
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