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Re: [PLUG] Alternative to Gentoo?

Hi, Greg.

Check out the Fedora spins.
Bonus points because Fedora is the proving ground, will be the next version, of RHEL/CentOS.  The Cinnamon spin, ala Mint, is pretty great, too.


On Wed 04/19/17 07:45AM EDT, Greg Helledy wrote:
> When I started reading your post, I thought, "That sounds like me
> once upon a time."  I had been using Debian stable with KDE for
> years, and while I really liked Debian, support for KDE just never
> seemed to be a priority.  Sure, KDE worked, but there would be minor
> glitches that would go unfixed for long periods.  Updates would
> introduce new ones. For someone who wanted to use KDE as their
> desktop, it was just frustrating enough that I started looking
> around for another way.
> I found Mint, and my home desktop is still on that, some six years
> later.  The difference in my case is that I was not looking for
> problems to solve, I was looking for a distro where everything had
> already been solved.
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