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Re: [PLUG] What's the best way to share a partition between windows and linux in 2017?

On 05/12/2017 07:53 PM, Greg Helledy wrote:
> In the past, I've always used vfat as the filesystem for partitions to
> be shared between the two OSes.  I am now going to be bringing a hard
> drive enclosure between machines, and the limitations on partition and
> file size make that unworkable.
> So, which is better, using NTFS under linux or installing a driver to
> let me use a native linux FS under windows?  The linux machine is using
> kernel 3.13 and the windows machine is 7.  There are lots of discussions
> of NTFS under linux on the internet but most of them are old...does that
> mean it's a solved problem?  Which way would you go?

i'd definitely consider NTFS under linux somewhere around 95-98%
"solved", yeah. it's largely painless these days.

there is this SO question:
but it's from 2013 and i have no idea how well those might operate under
more recent windows- and i can't provide any feedback as i haven't had
to do this in at least a decade.


oh, wait, here we go, windows 7 and ext4:

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