Paul Walker on 31 May 2017 06:27:38 -0700

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[PLUG] Write to Journaled HFS+ filesystem in Ubuntu

Soo... after some extensive googling on the topic, I thought I would reach out to the local community for thoughts.

I have 3.7TB external SSD (seagate, only the best) that (apparently - I don't remember actually) I formatted using OSX Disk Utility with a single HFS+ Journaled partition. 

The drive contains a 700GB backup in the folder Macintosh\ HD that is very important to preserve.

I would also like to back up the contents of my Ubuntu machine onto the same drive.

I am able to mount the filesystem, and if I do it correctly, I can access all of my old backup information which is wonderful.

However, if I try to sudo mv, cp, touch etc to the mount point /media/pj/ I get `touch: cannot touch 'foo': Read-only file system` etc.

I've tried a number of gambits, including installing hfsprogs and running sudo mount -t hfsplus -o remount,force,rw /mount/point (and a lot of variants using different flags, using /dev/sdx, etc)

My spidey-sense tells me that, unless I disable journaling in OSX (a bad idea?) I need to be more creative. The goal is to save the existing backup and put a new backup on the 3.7T SSD. 

My 'creative' solutions are:

* copy my existing  backup back from the 3.7TB SSD to some suitable receptacle, reformat the 3.7TB drive (NON-HFS+!!!!), and re-backup the old backup, then backup my current system

* add a (NON-HFS+!!!!!) partition to the 3.7TB SSD. (Is this possible? Smart? Stupid?)

That's all that my 1st-cup-of-coffee-creativity has provided me with this morning.

Any thoughts are appreciated. I know this is grist for a QA site or forum and might not be totally appropriate for the PLUG list - feel free to lambast me for being an Ubuntu noob(ish).

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