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Re: [PLUG] Pinebook?

I ordered one about 2 weeks ago, it got mediocre reviews but I am planning on using it for general web surfing as a replacement for an old laptop that died.  I'll post a review when it comes in!


On Fri, Jun 2, 2017 at 7:08 AM, prushik <prushik@gmail.com> wrote:
Im pretty sure its going to be fairly limited in what it can do, unless you run android on it you won't be watching videos or playing games. but this is the first one of these little soc sbc built out into a nice looking form factor at a reasonable cost. im very excited to get mine which i ordered about a month ago. i plan to use it to replace my laptop for software development while im not at home. thinking it should be perfect for that.
i hope the pinebook is a trend setter above all, its the right direction, even if it will have its flaws.

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Anything new on the pinebook? I just got my "coupon code" to be able
to order one.

I'm curious if it's worth it, or if I'd be the one telling the rest of
you if it's worth it :)

With shipping the 14" (which is the only model available right now)
would be $130.99.
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