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Re: [PLUG] Older versions of Skype being retired--bad news for linux users

On 06/09/2017 02:14 PM, prushik wrote:
> Sounds good to me. Good riddance, [...snip...]. Now nobody can argue
> with me when I refuse to use Skype.

Right on! If I want my conversations to be recorded and processed, I'll
do that myself, thankyouverymuch.

> Now we just need a decent alternative ....

I've been using Jitsi.
What do others here use for video-chat? I tried using XMPP through
pidgin but didn't invest too much or enough time in getting video to
work on there. (i.e. if anyone can point me to some guides, much
appreciated since Jitsi /can/ be a bit flaky)

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> being retired--bad news for linux users
> If you have to use Skype, and do so on linux, MS has some bad news 
> for you:  it's retiring (i.e. disabling) all versions prior to
> "Skype for Linux Beta" as of July 1.

It's only what you would call 'bad news'...

> According to Slashdot posters, "Skype for Linux Beta" is a memory 
> hog, basically unusable on a computer with 2GB of RAM or less (even 
> as the only app running).  It's also 64-bit only, marking the end of
>  another function for 32-bit linux.

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