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[PLUG] NASA launch info (slightly off-topic)

It's only slightly off-topic because we tried to watch the launch
tonight after North, but it got scrubbed due to bad weather at the
launch site. Here's the page describing what they're trying to do:


As you can tell from the URL, they originally tried to launch this on
May 31, but they've had to scrub a number of times because of
weather. They're going to try again for tomorrow night at roughly the
same time, around 9:05 or so.

I watched what I think was a similar test over the winter, and it was
easy to see from a playground on the Main Line. In order to see it you
need clear skies locally and a clear view to the southeast. (We were
hoping the Coredial parking lot would be OK.) If you bring a cellphone
you can watch NASA TV to follow the launch. Once it launches, the
whole test will only take about 10-15 minutes. At some point you'll
see a colored cloud in the sky which will disappear in about a minute.


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