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[PLUG] Firewall choices for a small software development business

- run a specialized distro like IPFire or ClearOS; or

We don't do software development but are a small business and have had generally good luck with ClearOS. We have one 6.x machine and one 7.x machine. In the years we've been running them we've only experienced one OS "failure", where a large system update (caused by me preferring to run updates manually, instead of having them applied in a continuous, automated way) broke in the middle and left the system in a non-functional state. But I was able to recover that in less than a day (without reinstall) thanks in part to help from PLUG.

Once it's up, it pretty much keeps going year in and year out. We pay $108/yr. as a license fee for the 7.x machine, which is still the current release.

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