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Re: [PLUG] Firewall choices for a small software development business

On 04/07/17 16:27, KP wrote:
> Other than my bsd-fu being not so good the other thing I never had a
> good handle on is what programmatic interfaces are available for
> pfsense. From my perspective as Perl programmer iptables has more
> options compared to having to use SNMP for pfsense which is the only
> thing I see on CPAN.
> pfSense is based off FreeBSD which has an older version of PF. As PF is
officially and originally an OpenBSD component, development follows
OpenBSD, so the FreeBSD/pfSense version has its own man pages because
the syntax has changed a bit.

I don't use pfSense myself; you and a few others know I use my choice of
firewalls directly. I can do a primer of PF itself if there's interest;
I remember Rich Mingin demoing pfSense at a prior general discussion.

Charlie Li
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