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Re: [PLUG] Multimedia blues

On 08/07/17 16:25, Rich Freeman wrote:
> Are you checking for logs in a manner that would catch entries that
> were not written to disk?  If there is a kernel panic/bug/etc there
> might not be any IO to disk, and if the console was in graphics mode
> you might not see any on-screen output.
> If you can ssh into the box while it is otherwise hung that is a clean
> way of seeing what is going on that doesn't rely on the graphics
> drivers/etc.  Otherwise, your best bets for capturing output would be
> a serial console, or outputting via UDP:
I don't have sshd nor its systemd socket activator enabled/running
except for exactly one scenario that is not this. Further, netconsole is
impractical for me as I essentially never have access to a wired network.
> If the kernel actually panics and you have a crash kernel set up it
> might capture a core dump which you could analyze.  If it doesn't
> actually panic I suspect this would not be triggered even if your
> distro otherwise supports it.
The kernel doesn't panic. Maybe an oops but no panic.
> If the distro is set up to capture crash dumps you might get something
> useful by forcing a panic while it is stuck (Alt-SysRq-C if enabled).
> This command should be no worse than hitting the reset button, but
> shouldn't be used on a system you can otherwise get into.
The keyboard is also completely useless. Killing X doesn't work
(everything is still present on screen) and Magic SysRq won't activate.

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