Greg Helledy on 19 Jul 2017 10:12:20 -0700

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[PLUG] Open Source Option For Calendar Server

On 7/19/2017 12:12 PM, wrote:
I was looking into hosting my own calendar server. The
requirements would be that it is hosted by me, and I would need to be able
to connect via my phone. I am looking at Baikal and DAViCal.

We used Baikal to host a few calendars for our small company for about 3 years. It was run on a remote VPS on CentOS. Clients were Thunderbird (mostly windows, occasionally linux) and the built-in calendar apps on Android and iOS (with Android requiring a free connector to do CalDAV). In that time we had literally zero issues.

The problem ended up being the install/config--when we started with Baikal, a helpful senior tech at our hosting company got it up and running for us. When we moved providers, we copied everything over, and although Baikal appeared to be running, the calendars were inaccessible. Neither the techs at the new company nor I could figure out what the issue was (this is a production server with other vital functions so I was unwilling to do much messing around.) So we ended up abandoning it for something that works less well (but is included as part of our VPS package).

If you can handle the config (and/or have the time and server space to do any necessary tinkering) it's a great piece of software. Admining from your phone should not be a problem.

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