John Von Essen on 16 Aug 2017 14:22:48 -0700

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[PLUG] Job Posting - Center City

Hi All,

My company has a new job posting, full details are at

I've been on and off this board over the years, and I know several members are clients of mine at our 24th St datacenter facility.

Were looking for a fulltime datacenter technician with solid linux background, and some Cisco switch/router/firewall experience. Alot of the Cisco stuff is in internally well documentated so as long as your familiar with Cisco CMD line a little but, that will suffice. A key function of the datacenter technician is helping clients with remote hands assistance, and 95% of the time that remote hands work involves rescuing/fixing a dead/corrupt Linux server. So instead you need to know how to fix a bad TCP/IP config in all the Linux variants, or load a rescue LiveCD, or do a base install, or fix disk issues woth fsck, and so on.

Internally, we also have several machines for DNS (Bind), MRTG, and Apache. Plus we have our VM platform, so the new hire will be responsible for spinning up new Linux VMs per client requests.

Other misc work is basic datacenter stuff, some cabling, racking/installing servers, swapping hard drives, etc.,.

Normal day shift, 9am to 5pm, but flexible. Ideally, we really like candidates who are within a 30min commute of the facility (19103) as there is some oncall work (paid extra).

Lastly, because we conform to SSAE16 and PCI compliance audits, the new hire must cleanly pass a criminal background check and drug test.

Its a great opportunity, and you will have alot of autonomy in the position, and lead new projects, its not a "in-the-box" type of position.

John Von Essen
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