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Re: [PLUG] [Slightly OT] FOSSCON Analytics

Hey George!


No problem, here’s the raw CSV:


I don’t think this is actually *valid* CSV because the spaces aren’t quoted, but it’s close enough.


Don’t worry about the quoting, no one will care, unless you top post ;).


Have fun!



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On Aug 29, 2017, at 3:44 PM, Andy Wojnarek <> wrote:


[ Cool description of stringboard data collection at FOSSCON2017  ]


we took the data and entered it and morphed it into a CSV. 

[ cool description of IBM Watson analysis ]

Check out version 1 of the analytics:

Could you make the raw .csv available too? 


I'd like to play with this nice small data set myself, as I try to learn more about 

graph data, Will report back if I come up with anything.


Thank you.


Apologies to the list, and/or Andy, if I mess up the attribution, quoting, subject,

to-address, and from-address again. The mail user agent on my phone gets 

breaking the digest into pieces right, but nothing else, so I forward a reply to 

myself, and edit it in a  laptop mail user agent which doesn't understand digests, 

but has a real text editor... 



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