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I just want to plug in and present without the hassle of the idiosyncrasies at locations. But that may be part of how it is and there may not be any way around it no matter where I go. Maybe it's just something I have to get used to. It's almost always of display issue with me. By display I mean getting it from the monitor to the screen. Difficulty has no bearing on whether I take it to North or west. That is becoming a Time issue. Time is becoming a scarcity lately.

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You did fine.  Talks with demo's have the most value and sometimes things go wrong.  One of the benefits of having 3 PLUG meetings per month is that you get to perfect your talk.  You were still able to show some things and I would encourage you to take this talk to North and West if you can. It was good material.

One thing that I do as well as some other PLUG'ers is use VPN's or resources on our own networks for demo material.  That may be a help to you for any demo presentations as long as you have decent upstream internet.  

BTW, I'm hoping to have your video posted this week, if not today.  Its rendering now  :D

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I wanted to thank everyone again for helping save the talk with their quick actions. Adjusting to the media systems seems to be the hardest part for me. If I use plain slides or host them on an internet accessible site, then using them is pretty fail-safe. I lean more toward demonstrations rather than just talking with slides. Maybe I should move away from demos as to not run into these issues going forward. I'll sleep on it. Thanks again.

Ron Guilmet

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