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Re: [PLUG] best router distros for x86?

On 09/20/2017 02:11 PM, Greg Helledy wrote:
> As an aside, the mini-PC I bought off Aliexpress is disappointing; its
> BIOS does not support booting off its USB or network ports.  The only
> thing it can boot off of is its single internal mSATA III port, which
> makes installing an OS pretty difficult.  What a shame to cripple a
> device that way.  I know I could buy an adapter, plug the mSATA III
> drive into another PC, install the OS on that, put it back in, and try
> to sort out all the hardware discrepancies, but what if I want to change
> the OS again someday?  I guess I'll be paying to ship this one back, and
> get to start over again.  If I buy it online, I'll have them send me a
> picture of the BIOS set to boot off USB.

does it support PXE booting? if not, you can probably do a chroot
install from another host.

sometimes USB booting, etc. are disabled if "Fastboot" is turned on.

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