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Re: [PLUG] OT: iTerm2 Leaks Everything You Hover in Your Terminal via DNS Requests

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brent timothy saner wrote
09/21/2017 00:02:47
> '^(file|(ht|f)ps?|sock)://' (add more as you see fit; the ).

> i mean, there's an RFC for this[0], y'know.

i was aware, but i didn't read it first. the scheme does seem to be required for a valid url. however, the rfc doesnt specify any valid schemes, so anything with a colon could look like a valid url (// is not required). however, uris without a scheme are very very common, and ignoring that would solve the problem of highlighting literally almost everything, but would leave some things unclickable when they might be expected to be (e.g. or ).

> calling bullshit on this.
> if you *aren't* taking advantage of a
terminal emulator that linkifies[1], you're doing it wrong.

to each, his own. maybe there are some special cases where it makes sense. personally, any time i need to click something i feel sad. and if a browser opens when i wasn't expecting it (like any time i am working in a terminal emulator or any program other than a browser), i feel even more sad. 
i also resent being told  "im doing it wrong".


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