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Re: [PLUG] Reclaiming inodes

On Thursday, September 28, 2017 3:34:08 PM EDT Joe Rosato wrote:
>I doubt you actually have this problem, it is possible, but my guess is
>there are a lot of tiny files somewhere... Maybe spool because mail issue??
>Find the directory and you will find your problem.

This was exactly what was going on. cron was trying to send mail (MAILTO="" 
was NOT part of my crontab file) and thus these things were accumulating in my 
/var/spool/exim4 folder)
The solution was to get rid of all those file, put MAILTO="" in my crontab 
(because I don't want it to mail) and to uninstall exim4 (because I don't want 
an MTA on this box)

There's also this to find out where your inodes have gone:
$> du -s --inodes /*

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