Keith C. Perry on 11 Oct 2017 13:15:58 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Cisco AnyConnect client

I thought about OpenConnect but I was concerned about compatibility so I figured I suffer Cisco's client first to see if it had gotten any better...

(apparently not)

Openconnect is saying that the server wants me to download "Cisco Secure Desktop"... (and it calls is it a trojan  LOL).  That is disabled by default.  How do I enable that?  I think this was the problem also with the Cisco client.  The downloaded binary doesn't run directly.

Do I need a CSD wrapper?

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On 10/11/2017 03:54 PM, Keith C. Perry wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with using the Linux Cisco AnyConnect
> client.  I think I have it installed correctly (version 3.1.1 on a
> Lubuntu VM, not bare metal) and whether I'm using the cli (vpn) or gui
> (vpnui) I'm getting a "Posture Assessment: Failed".

does OpenConnect fare any better?

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