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Re: [PLUG] Wpa2 oops

On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 12:44 AM, Paul Walker <> wrote:

That obviously it goes a long way, though it is limited to https via a
browser with a plugin, which isn't the only traffic your device is
going to send over WiFi.

If you connect to a coffee shop AP somebody might play with your DHCP
handshake so that you end up being directed to a hostile DNS server.
I don't think DNS itself is authenticated in typical use, so they
could probably also tamper with that even if they don't send you to
their server.

The one question I have about this is whether somebody can use this
attack to connect to an AP.  That is actually my biggest concern -
somebody connecting to my home WiFi and now they're free to attack
random hosts (some more secure than others), and also to send
heaven-knows-what to the internet at large with my door being the one
the FBI kicks down at 2AM.

It also sounds like this is a problem with the protocol itself - just
patching my routers/etc isn't going to help me, as I'd basically need
a "WPA3" that is incompatible with everything I already own.

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