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Re: [PLUG] Wpa2 oops

On 10/16/2017 08:37 AM, Rich Freeman wrote:
> It also sounds like this is a problem with the protocol itself - just
> patching my routers/etc isn't going to help me, as I'd basically need
> a "WPA3" that is incompatible with everything I already own.

see the Q&A section at

"Do we now need WPA3?

No, luckily implementations can be patched in a backwards-compatible
manner. This means a patched client can still communicate with an
unpatched access point, and vice versa. In other words, a patched client
or access points sends exactly the same handshake messages as before,
and at exactly the same moments in time. However, the security updates
will assure a key is only installed once, preventing our attacks. So
again, update all your devices once security updates are available."

it should be noted, however, that there is some discussion about this:

^ that is being tossed around a fair bit

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