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Re: [PLUG] Amateur Radio stuff for sale: LMR-400 wire

>>>> Nothing special- my take on emComm / mobile deployment.  I might
>>bring it
>>>> to a PLUG meeting if there is interest.  We do have a lot of Hams.
>>>> a #GearFeast is in order and / or a talk on one of the Linux HAM

Montgomery County ARES/RACES http://www.aa3e.org/


Chester County ARES http://www.w3eoc.org/ (love the roach)

are currently preparing for the every 2 year Limerick Drill.

The drill is in November. If interested they may still be able to
partner you up with someone (although it is a little late).

If not, it's a great listen!

I heard Chester County's drill this past weekend, which was followed
by the Montco prep meeting.

**ALSO** a great time to remind everyone abouit this THURSDAY October
26th meeting with the ARRL in Conshohocken aimed at tech oriented new


**ALSO ALSO the ham specific distros are kinda lame for this crowd
considering most of the ham stuff is in existing repos or can be

Debian - Fedora - Ubuntu - Arch AUR etc and whatever Rich0 has done
(so far) for Gentoo!

FOSS in Amateur Radio Presentation FOSSCON 2017


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