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Re: [PLUG] small business server virtualization?

On 06/11/2017 13:11, Charlie Li wrote:
> On 06/11/2017 13:08, Greg Helledy wrote:
>> Can it make sense to virtualize so that each application has its own OS
>> instance, which can be powered on and off, upgraded, etc. independently,
>> for a small business?
> If everything's running on the same hardware architecture, don't even
> bother with virtualisation. Too much overhead for not much benefit
> compared to, containers.
> Research systemd-nspawn, LXC, FreeBSD jails, Solaris Zones to name a few
> to get a sense of what containers are. They are logically the same as
> virtualisation in terms of instance separation.
Aaaaand I missed the part about Windows servers. Virtualise those. But
nothing else.

Charlie "still traversing the processing barrier" Li

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