Rich Freeman on 7 Nov 2017 07:43:57 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] small business server virtualization?

On Tue, Nov 7, 2017 at 7:35 AM, Lee H. Marzke <> wrote:
> So containers are great at making developers life easier ( less dependencies ) at the cost
> of making it more difficult for operations.

You're going to have to substantiate that claim.

First, I don't see how running a process in a container involves any
fewer dependencies than running it on the host.  If the package needs
openssl, then the filesystem needs openssl on it.

Anything you can install on a host you can install on a container.

Sure, some technologies like Docker also have image management
built-in which lets you build layered images so that you can start
with RHEL, add some components, add some more components, and then add
your application, and each of those layers can be managed separately.
However, that really has nothing to do with containers, and I don't
see why you couldn't do the same thing with hosts running on VMWare.
I'd be surprised if it doesn't already exist, actually.

Other than maybe bells/whistles VMWare might have in their management
consoles I'm not sure how containers would make things any
better/worse for operations in comparison.  If you can manage 500
physical hosts you can manage 500 containers.

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