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Re: [PLUG] Revision Control for the Rest of Us

On 11/16/2017 01:08 PM, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
Excellent idea.  And while it's clear that git has largely prevailed
over its competitors and predecessors, let me put in a word for RCS.

RCS has been around a very long time.  It's very stable -- and very limited.
There are all kinds of things it doesn't do, and of course, if you need to
do those things, you probably shouldn't use it.

But in its favor are two things: first, there are a lot of simple use
cases that it handles beautifully.  Second, you can learn it in ten minutes.


I covered RCS in the first edition of the _bash Cookbook_ but dropped it in the just released second edition because...while you are correct, for trivial use cases I think bzr or hg are just as simple and do a whole lot more.

But ESR not only agrees with you, he wrote SRC as a Python wrapper around RCS:
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