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Re: [PLUG] Copying files from unbootable machine

On 11/19/2017 11:10 AM, KP wrote:
> Before you tried to copy the files, did you "sudo su" or something
> similar? The Live CD user is not root.

^^ this

generally speaking, you probably have better options for a rescue
environment. i understand sometimes you have to make do (after all, you
can't make a boot usb stick from an OS that's kaput etc.), but for the
future, there are distros that boot you right to a root shell (and come
with software specifically geared towards some useful functionality in a
rescue situation).

if you like a "once-size-fits-all", i'd recommend this:

if you like something a little more debian, there's this:

or, if you want to custom-design/build your own rescue media
specifically designed for your needs, there's this: [0]

but as for the actual issue, what Keith said - it doesn't give you a
direct root shell, so when you try to copy files owned by a UID not
matching the livecd user's you're going to have issues.

[0] yeah, shameless self-plug. just a word of warning, i'm doing a total
rewrite sometime during the coming year.

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