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Re: [PLUG] Summary: VOIP texting - was Help with Postfix SASL auth to smarthost on RedHat distro

When upgrading my FreePBX/Asterisk system one goal I had was to find a way to have SMS texting tied to a DID,  and not the cell  number as I
already have calls from the DID ringing office and cell ( and I don' want to give out the Cell number )

>There's most likely never going to be open way to do that integration so its going to have to remain separate until some unifying way emerges to have messaging over VoIP.
>i've got an email into my ITSP partners on this to see>what they may know of coming dowe the line.  I'm not holding my breath.  With the way things are these days, I doubt
>such a thing will happen anytime soon.  The move to LTE-A is already being slow walked so I can't see the next universal / worldwide messaging infrastructure being viable yet.

After some testing I can confirm a working integration between VOIP calling ,  SMS ,  XMPP clients,  and email across
desktops and mobile.   Not completely open - but a very low cost reliable service.

This works out-of-the-box with Vitelity.com   but the options are hidden somewhat.

So a small office with desktop and mobile users can have all of this working for about $1/month per DID,  plus 1.4c/min, plus 1c/text.

-  Wholesale SIP trunks from  Vitelity including:
    *  DID's must be SMS compatible ( check when ordering - most numbers are )
    *  Vitelity included service - http://web.s.ms    voip-2-sms gateway
    *  Vitelity included SMS to email gateway

So for instance a VOIP phone number  like 800-555-1212 would have SMS available as

-  Email   to/from  8005551212@textmessage.org    sent to/from any email client.
-  XMPP  account   8005551212@s.ms  XMPP  username/password  setup from Vitelity ( I'm using Xabber on Android )

The phone number needs to have SMS available on the DID, but it does not need to be your mobile number.
If you have a mobile phone, then you can, of course, send regular SMS messages from that device.

If you receive only Email, on Android you can use the Nine Email client which works well with Zimbra.   Nine allows
you to define "VIP"  contacts,  which will alert you when a message arrives from a specific account or domain.

If you use Xabber on Android , it alerts on either Cell or WIfi  with messages just like true SMS.

On the Desktop,   Pidgin works using  XMPP login to s.ms shown above.

Now the only action that reveals the cell phone number is outbound voice calls,  but if needed
you can use Asterisk DISA, or  allow dialout from your voicemail menu to make calls over the VOIP DID instead.


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