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Re: [PLUG] WAMP and EMR support opportunity

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Subject: [PLUG] WAMP and EMR support opportunity

My neighbor is a physican, starting a new practice, and seeking desktop
support for installation & configuration of an open-source electronic
medical records package (WAMP environment). Initially, this would probably
just be an hourly one-time gig, but it could easily grow to a monthly
consulting retainer.

Please contact me off the list if you're interested.

       Any person getting involved with medical record software should be
       aware that a so-called 'portal' is no longer necessary.  Here is the
       definitive URL:

      In other words, purchase/invent/maintain record-keeping SW, but _don't_
      spend money and impose difficulties on your doctor's patients by 
      imposing a so-called 'portal' on them.

Good luck and best wishes,

Alan McConnell
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