Michael Leone on 30 Jul 2018 12:28:33 -0700

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[PLUG] OT - battery replacement for an Android phone

Sorry for the OT, but you guys are local, and this is
kinda/sorta/almost Linux-adjacent, since it is an Android phone ...

Anyways, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and the battery life is
going downhill. It's only 2 years old, but the battery health app I've
download (Accu-Battery) is measuring it's output at 2500 mAh, when
it's supposed to be 3600 ... probably my fault, I used to keep it
plugged in and charged the entire day, and apparently that really eats
away at battery cycle life ..

Anyways, before I go buying a new phone, I want to try a new battery.
On my old S5, I could (and did) replace it myself. But these phones
aren't designed that way.

Anyway, the point - can anyone recommend a local (i.e., in Philly,
hopefully Center City/South Philly) reputable shop that can do this? I
can Google for reviews all day, but I want to hear from real people,
not possibly planted reviews. :-)

Anyone ever had to have their battery replaced? If so, where, and
approx how much?

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