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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird questions


On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 9:09 AM Alan McConnell <> wrote:
> Assembled Wisdom!
> Yesterday, at the advice of an old friend, I installed Thunderbird.  I entered as my
> E-mail server my account at gmail.  This seemed to work; I could look at the mail on
> my gmail account and send E-mail to my regular account.
> But this was just an experiment; I really want to change my thunderbird account to
> have as my E-mail server.  Can I do this? I shudder at the thought of
> un-installing thunderbird, since there are a mess of dependencies that might get
> screwed up.

As Walt has said, you can add multiple accounts through Thunderbird,
so you can decide to either leave or remove the Gmail account and add
the acccount as another account. You have to pay a bit of
attention when composing messages to make sure that they send from the
proper account, but this is something Thunderbird handles quite
nicely. I suggest always using IMAP rather than POP and doing so over
an encrypted connection. The "Account Settings" menu item is usually
in the "Tools" dropdown menu and that's where you'll add other email
addresses (or other accounts such as a CalDAV server or corporate
address book).


> I hope this is a question that thunderbird experts -- surely there are some here! --
> can answer easily.  Thanks in advance for all suggestions and help.
> Alan McConnell, in Silver Spring MD
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